It's not about the journey, but about who takes it with you

We are Chris and Sheila

A Boston based couple who are constantly looking for way to escape our day jobs. We are not only best friends but each others favorite travel buddy! We've seen so much of the world near and far in the short time we have been together and get ourself into unique situations... and yes, they are quite unique...


Part Time: Photographer and Go Pro/Drone Expert

Full Time: Helicopter Pilot

Chris got his first taste of international travel when he was 20, traveling to Egypt with the Army National Guard on a peacekeeping deployment.  He enjoyed learning about the history and culture of a foreign land so much, he booked a solo trip to Australia right after.  He bought his first DSLR, a Canon Rebel Xti, in 2007 on his second deployment to Kosovo and has been spending his money on camera equipment and travel ever since.



Part Time: Photographer and Social Media Guru

Full Time: Graduate Student of Public Health/Leadership

On a constant search to find the best biscuits. Her love for travel began growing up with parents who worked for the airlines and spending much of her childhood in airports. Sheila is always down for dessert before dinner and will never pass up an opportunity to brunch. She loves traveling the world learn about new cultures and how they live their daily lives. She loves to go out on a whim and reluctantly lets Chris drag her into situations she would normally not find herself in. 

We started The Traveling Massholes to share all the interesting situations we get ourselves into on our getaways. We wanted to share the beauty of the world, we have been so fortunate to explore, with those via our photography and blog. We strongly believe in collecting memories, not things and often prefer to take trips or explore than gift each other items for special occasions. In the short time we've been together we have been around the world and back while exploring dozens of cities.

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Our biggest advice is never turn down the opportunity to travel; near or far; short or long - every trip will teach you something and broaden your horizon. 

Cheers to Travel!