Whiskey & Brunch - Four Nashville Spots You Have To Check Out


If you're in the mood for some good food and even better drinks, we highly suggest taking a trip to Nashville, Tennessee. Nashville fosters all the southern hospitality you could want with the hustle and bustle of a city life. Of course, the historical aspect of Nashville is very unique, their food is what keeps you coming back time and time again, In the short time spent in the city, we made sure to swing by as many places as possible. Here are some of the top joints we recommend and have the opportunity to enjoy during our time in Nashville, TN.


Saint Anejo's

Starting with (in out opinion is ) the most important meal of the day, brunch. While there are a million brunch places in Nashville we highly suggest swinging by Saint Anejo's. Located in M Street, Saint Anejo's is a premier Mexican Restaurant with over 120 tequila and mezcal to choose from. The interior of the restaurant is spacious with large convertible windows that are opened in warm weather. Saint Anejo's was voted "Best Mexican Restaurant" in 2016 by Nashville Guru which must of been the reason we had a two hour wait!! However, the food was WELL worth the wait.

For all our sweet lover out there, we suggest indulging in the Dark Chocolate Waffles. The dish is served with a house made cinnamon whip, drizzled in strawberry crema and topped with a few slices of fresh, juicy strawberries. If you are looking for a traditional southern brunch dish, we suggest ordering the Hot Chicken and Waffles! You won't be disappointed with the large waffle, covered in little hot chicken pieces, which marinated in their secret spice sauce, fried, and served with a cream cheese drizzle. To add a refreshing beverage to your meal, we suggest getting the sangria. HANDS DOWN the best sangria we have ever had in my life!! And the only thing better than one sangria is TWO sangria for the price of one. Each select drink purchased comes with a token, which you can use to redeem another drink! Check out their menu and what they have to offer.


Martin's Bar-B-Que

The south is not only known for doing breakfast right but also for their delicious barbecue. While the trip to Nashville was only for the weekend, we still manages to make a trip to two of the best barbecue places in the city. Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint, located in downtown Nashville, serves West Tennessee style smoked meats. Pat Martin, the head chief, and his team make everything in house from the sides to the sauces from scratch EVERYDAY! With that being said, once they run out of something, its done for the day. We highly recommend getting there early and doing it before the post Predators rush. The restaurants have been featured on the Food Network, Travel Channel, Cooking Channel, and The Today Show!! If you get a chance to make it over to Martin's we suggest getting a tray of meat, only the delicious chicken was left when we went, and indulge in a side like the mac and cheese. See full list of mouth watering food!

Biscuit Love

If you are looking to enjoy some biscuits, then you need to swing by Biscuit Love. There menu is filled of a variety of savoring biscuit dishes.  Opening in 2015, Biscuit Love is a mom and pop run store which was originally a food truck. The restaurant has the vibe of a cute little coffee shop where you order the food right when you walk in and it is delivered right to your table!! Now, you may think, it's just a biscuit but I can promise you the portions are large and filling! If you need something to satisfy your sweet tooth, we suggest the Bonuts, a Fried Biscuit Dough, Lemon Mascarpone, Blueberry Compote! Looking for a more "healthy" alternative, then you could try the Bananas Foster Oatmeal made with Biscuit Love Oat Blend, Coconut Milk, Caramelized Banana Jam, Fresh Bananas, Pecan or the Greek Yogurt, Biscuit Love Granola, Blueberry Compote, Blueberry Balsamic yogurt parfait.  See the full list of biscuit meals here.

Nelson's Green Brier Distillery

When you think Tennessee, the first thing that pops into many young adults minds is country music and good whiskey. While Green Brier IS the definition of of GREAT whiskey. This family own and operated distillery has a unique history on how it came to be. With the fifth... yes we said fifth every registered distillery in Tennessee; Green Brier however was "re-discovered" in 2006.

We recommend taking a tour of the distillery and partaking in the post tour whiskey tasting. This distillery has some of the best whiskey I've every tasted; incomparable to any whiskey you can by in liquor stores. However, they are not currently selling out of state so one needs to either go to the distillery to pick up a bottle or wait till it hits the big market. (we suggest going to the distillery!)

Hopefully if you make it on down to Nashville, TN you get to check out some of our favorite spots in the Athens of the South.