The Robot Restaurant - Tokyo, Japan

We often say that when we travel; the weirdness finds us. Well in this case, we went to the weirdness. Picture this: dancing robots, sequent dressed women, lights, lasers, and a sensory overload! If this is something that peaks your interest then you need to swing by this Restaurant in Japan.


The Robot Restaurant is a one of a kind entertainment experience located in the heart and soul of Shinjuku, Tokyo. The restaurant features a 90 minute show which combines Japanese culture and of course robots. The show happens multiple times each night and changes content and robots every couple of months. While there are "stories" trying to be conveyed in the show, you will most likely be confused and many time question "what did you get yourself into?"  

There is SO MANY adjectives we could use to describe this once in a life time show, but instead of explaining it with words we thought we'd show you! If you ever make it to Tokyo, we strongly suggest you spend some of your yen!!!