Friday Favorites: The Scotty Dog's Restaurant

We have a lot of favorites; favorite foods, favorite restaurants, favorite hotels, favorite destinations... so we've decided to share some of our favorite places near and far with you!


Located in the North Shore, just 30 minutes north of Boston in the town of Beverly lies The Scotty Dog. A little outdoor restaurant which serves delicious traditional Chicago Style Hot Dogs and Steak Burgers. This little fun and affordable, lunch or dinner spot, is perfect for everyone. Unlike your typical shack, The Scotty Dog offers not only five picnic tables and chairs to enjoy your meal but brings you back in time with ten car hop spots! Don't have time to sit and enjoy a meal, The Scotty Dog lets you order out!!

This place is one of our favorites for many reasons, besides the perks listed above. The staff is also amazing and extremely friendly. Of course you can dabble in the traditional Chicago Dog or go for one of their weekly specials. We always make sure to order a side of fries to share, as they season their fries with black peppercorn, which makes all the difference. Each hot dog order comes with a surprise tootsie roll candy to enjoy! And who doesn't love  a Richie's Slush on a hot day? check out the other great options they have on their menu.  If you are in the area or looking for a good Chicago dog and local favorite we highly recommend swing by The Scotty Dog. 



Location: Beverly, Massachusetts

Food: Chicago Style Hot Dogs and Steak Burgers

Price: $

Payment: Cash Only

Family Friendly: Yes

Enviroment: outdoor/ in-car car Hop. Perfect for quick meals!

Take Out: YES