Five Odd Things We Ate In Japan

Each section of Japan has local dishes which we will mention in my food review but here is a sneak peak at some of the tasty but odd things we ate in Japan. (Full disclaimer some are more odd than others, but all were in fact consumed!)

1. Hot Dogs on Sticks

Yes you head it correct! The Japanese people love to eat food on wood skewers including plain old hot dogs. Similar to corny dogs but without the breading or a hot dog without the bun and placed on a stick. This item is quiet popular with children and was readily found at the zoo, amusement parks, and parks we visited. 

2. Tofu Ice Cream + Gelato

This adventure was extremely mislead because I thought I was getting whipped cream on top of my gelato... needless to say, the expression on my face quickly showed how I tend to never know what I am ordering. For those who like Tofu (not me) it is soft tofu placed on top of gelato in a cone and I recommend it as it seemed to be quiet popular among the locals. 

3. Chicken Beaks

In out defense, we had no idea it was a chicken beak when I first bit into it but do not understand the appeal. The meat is filled with cartilage and hard to chew... Needless to say if you order a platter of chicken meat, might be best to ask what exactly the meat selection is or you may be enjoying a nice tender helping of beak!

Fun Fact: This restaurant had fried scorpion as a dish as well but Sheila would not let Chris order it as he just wanted it 'for the picture'... maybe next time we will try it! 

4. Octopus

Octopus is traditionally served one of three ways: grilled, raw, or still moving. Luckily for us, it was not moving but rather raw and served in a delicious tomato sauce. Sheila wishes it would have been served grilled because she is not a fan of raw seafood, but agrees it was still a great appetizer!!

Octopus served in a tomato basil sauce - Osaka, Japan

Octopus served in a tomato basil sauce - Osaka, Japan

5. Okonomiyaki

This Hiroshima traditional dish will leave you stuffed! 'Okonomi' meaning 'how you like' and 'yaki' meaning 'grill' is in simplest terms a savory pancake. Traditionally the pancake comes with your choice of meat, egg, cabbage, and noodles all baked together and covered in Okonomiyaki sauce.  

Japan is a country where nothing is off limits for being a menu item. Those with strong stomachs and adventures tastes, Japan is the country for you! Don't forget to follow us on Facebook (@thetravelingmassholes) and Instagram (@thetravelingmassholes) to stay up to date on our travel plans.