Five Steps To Find Hotel Discounts

Not only is it important to arrive at a destination but just as important the place you stay! Here are five steps to finding hotel discounts that can be used by all travelers!


1. Know What Day It Is

Rate and availability always fluctuate with holidays and demand. In big cities, your downtown hotels will draw lots of business travelers, which increases the rate during the week. On the weekend however, when the city does not have a big event occurring, you can find some deals at four and five star hotels looking to fill rooms. Looking to leave the city, head to the hills or a secluded location? B&Bs and Cabins cater to these romantic weekend getaways and have high rates during the weekend, but significantly lower prices during the work week. Planning accordingly can increase savings!


2. Be Direct

Booking directly with the hotel’s website often has the best deals for travelers. Many hotels guarantee that you’ll find the lowest possible rate on their website. The hotel would rather you pay the rate they charge then pay commission to third party sites like Expedia or Find a lower price on a third party site; before you go and book it, call the hotel and see if it will honor it. Most hotel chains will match the lower price and throw in a few perks as well. This includes extra nights, points, or discounts to future stays.

3. Loyalty Is Key

Hotel Loyalty programs have some pretty nice perks. Once perk of joining hotel loyalty programs is many offer free WIFI during your stay. However, many hotels only let you gain loyalty points when book directly with them! (another reason to consider step 3!!) Loyalty programs, even the ones that are not tied to a credit card, often come with discounted rates and special offers just for signing up! You can always accrue reward or loyalty points each stay, which can often be put towards a future stays.


4. Membership Savings

Credit card membership isn’t the only way to get discounts and deals on hotel stays. Have a AAA or AARP membership? Chances are that can get some money off your booking. Active or Retired Military, First Responder, Police or Fire; some hotels honor your service if you mention it while booking.

5. Plan

We don’t just mean book a hotel months in advance, but know the details of your travel. We have been on our fair share of delayed, rerouted, and canceled flights; life happens - so you need to have a plan. If you are stuck booking a hotel last minute or canceling a reservation, know your options. Some hotels may let you refund the stay in a specific area and transfer it to a different hotel within that chain or brand. Apps like Hotel Tonight, allow travelers to book last minute room reservations ( this is entirely how we travel on weekend getaways). Need to change the dates or location? Apps like Hotel Tonight, allow you to refund the purchase and receive credit for a future booking; we get it - plans sometimes change!

Using these five steps, either combined or individually will help you save and have a hassle free trip!

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