Rage: Axe Throwing - Montreal, Canada

Axe Throwing; defined as a sport in which the competitors throw an axe at a target, attempting to hit the bulls eye as near as possible. Sound easy right?... well, we learned first hand at Rage Axe Throwing in Montreal, Canada that just like any other sport, it takes some work. Regardless of our skill level to begin with, we found more success with more practice. It was quite an experience and we realized that there is, in fact, a proper way to throw an axe! [who knew?!] 

About Rage: Axe Throwing

This indoor playground features eleven throwing lanes and have professional instructors who teach you the ins and outs of how to hold an axe as well as techniques for each different axe they own. Up to three people can throw at a single target and reservations are for one hour time slots. Rage: Axe throwing host events, axe throwing tournaments, and advertises the ability to support larger party sizes. While we stumbled upon this place on our own accord, the range is popular among locals and seems to be getting public attention by tourists from all around the world. 

We highly suggest you make reservations if you would like to feed your inner warrior! While we were fortunate enough to book same day, as we were in Montreal outside of the high volume tourist season, many staff members suggested making at least a few days in advance. To throw for an hour you are looking at $40-50 dollars depending on the day of the week and all of it can be done right on their reservation page! 

Of course with any activity like this there are rules and regulations as to what can be done. Many can be found on their FAQ page as well as some are just common sense, however we thought we'd mention a few we thought were good to know! The rage does not allow open toe shoes and or high heels. We found it was easiest to throw in comfortable clothing and not too loose. You do not want the axe to get caught on a hoodie and or baggie sleeves. You can also bring snacks and food to munch on, as well as something to drink, just no alcohol!! 

What We Thought

Post Rage Experience Photo Shoot

Post Rage Experience Photo Shoot

Neither of us had never heard of 'axe throwing' but we were eager to experience it as a fun date night activity once we found it. The location of the building is a bit far from public transit, so we suggest taking a taxi or Uber.  Upon arriving and entering into the range, you will feel transported to the viking era / lumberjack feel. The staff at Rage: Axe Throwing is out of this world! Not only are they knowledgeable of how to throw safely and with style, The staff is also very personable and we had great conversation with each and every member there that day.

The thrill of throwing axes were such an adrenaline rush! Again, while it took some time to actually get the axes to stick in the wood, by the end of the hour we were hitting the targets like pros and did not want to leave!! However, after an hour it was time to rest our muscles, as we were very tired and sore. While we were sad to leave, Rage will be for sure on our itinerary next time we pop up to Montreal. 

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