Sun and Rum at Casa Bacardí

Bacardí Rum: known as the world's most awarded rum is a sure quick day trip for anyone who is visiting Puerto Rico. You can get to Casa Bacardí  (aka the Bacardi Rum Factory), by take the local ferry from Old San Juan to Cataño. Once in Cataño, taxi will take you the 10 minute drive up the road to the factory gates. The ferry only cost 50 cents each way and the taxi drivers charge three dollars a person per ride. 

The facility offers three unique adventures for guests. A historical tour, where you learn about the past, present, and future of the company and how this legendary chain became a world wide phenomena.

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This historical tour can then be upgraded to one of two options: a rum tasting session or a mixology class. The rum tasting allows goers to try five rums from the Bacardi portfolio. The mixology class which taught you how to make a Cuba Libre, a Mojito, and a classic Daiquiri. Now guess which one we picked (hint hint one of us has his bartending license in two countries). All tour goers are also given a complementary drink and souvenir glass and those who complete the mixology class receive a certificate of completion, making them an official Bacardí bartender.

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Check out a peak into our day adventure at the Bacardi Factory located in Cataño, Puerto Rico.

Casa Bacardi is back open despite the destruction which occurred during Hurricane Maria. Much of the island is still suffering any many of the places we went to no longer exist. Please keep those still struggling without clean water, food, and electricity in your thoughts. 

To find out more information about what the factory has to offer or to purchase tickets, head on over to their website:  

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